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Great Wildebeest Migration 2021.


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Jacko Africa Safaris is pleased to welcome you back to our newly re-structured PROFESSIONALS SPECIAL TRAVEL (PST) PROGRAM. These years - 2021 & 2022 - we invite professionals of one calling worldwide to travel with us in groups of only 10 – 12 passengers on a tour. A knowledgeable experienced local Tour Director will escort your safari for absolutely free! Enjoy a special discount if you book with us before end of March 2021.  Click here for itinerary, description, departure dates, and quotation.

Trip Advisor has placed Nairobi among the top 10 world destinations for 2018… read more on our News & Calendar page.

Kenya Airways marked a milestone with the launch of a non-stop flight from Nairobi to New York… read more on our News & Calendar page.

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We direct some of our energy to God's Service through humanitarian aid to the poor. Jacko Africa Safaris assists in many respects, so travelling with us does not only benefit you and us, but also quite a number of certain identified poor communities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda. A few of our past clients have donated to various causes.  We are available to coordinate your wish under our Jacko Community Projects program.

Click here to enjoy our Pictorial Blog about our Latest Water for Life Project

Click here to read about our First Water for Life Project


Frequently Asked Questions

Please e-mail us as above your questions about East Africa for the most prompt current answers. However we feel these are the most frequently asked questions today.


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  1. What is the best time of the year for travel ?
  2. When and where can I see the Great Migration  ?
  3. Can I have my own custom itinerary ?
  4. Should I stay in lodges or in tented camps ?
  5. Are safaris suitable for children ?
  6. What kind of climate do you have in Africa ?
  7. Why should I book my Safari with you ?
  8. How do I pay you and what are the Charges for a Credit Card Payment ?
  9. How do we/I contact you to book or request for a safari through your company ?
  10. How far in advance should I book my safari ?
  11. Do we/I need any visas ?
  12. Is there a guarantee to see the 'Big Five' as well as other wildlife whilst on safari with your company ?
  13. Is Africa a good family destination ?
  14. Will I be safe in Kenya ?
  15. What are the meals like ?
  16. How will you help me prepare for my trip ?

What is the best time of the year for travel ?

  • Just about anytime of the year! However, the most popular seasons are mid December to mid March and July to mid September. An increasing number of visitors are realizing that April to June is ideal , benefiting from lower visitor numbers and off peak rates on the airlines. .
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When and where can I see the Great Migration ?

  • The millions of wildebeests  and zebras are always somewhere, but they are not always in large herds or on the move. The location is largely dependent on the weather, which can considerably vary from year to year. In general wildebeests assemble on the south of the Serengeti during the months of January and February, the season in which they give birth to their young. Starting around March they move northward and westward in search for fresh grazing ground through the Seregeti National Park. The bulk of these animals reaches the Masai Mara in Kenya, where they tend to stay during the months of August, September and October, before starting their return trek south through the Serengeti in November.
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Can I have my own custom itinerary ?

  • If you are arranging an exclusive safari vehicle then you are free to arrange any itinerary you choose. JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS  present a boutique selection of proven itinerary favorites, but you are NOT limited  to these and we can arrange any required itinerary, subject to practical and logistical considerations. We shall be pleased to develop and quote for any feasible itinerary.
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Should I stay in lodges or in tented camps ?

  • This is really a matter of personal preference and choice. Most  of the vehicle–based set itinerary safaris use lodges, but some include nights at tented camps and some use only tented camps. The majority of flying safaris use tented camp accommodation. All the accommodation used by JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS for our clients are of high standards, but you should be aware that contrary to many clients’ expectations, tented camps are generally more expensive than lodges. The main reason for this is that tented camps are low capacity, exclusive, luxurious places with high standard of personalized service .
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Are safaris suitable for children ?

  • Yes! A safari with JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS  is a wonderful trip for any child old enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience. Children under 12 years of age will benefit from reduced fares on scheduled airlines, and all lodges shall provide an additional bed for a child sharing room with parents at a reduced cost. JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS in collaboration with many of our camps and lodges shall provide educational opportunities for children at no extra cost. This is one of the aspects that make JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS very unique .
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What kind of climate do you have in Africa ?

  • Kenya strides the equator so there is little variation in temperature. There is much more variation between the coastal low lying regions, high plains  and mountains regions. The game parks lie at an altitude of 5000 to 7000 feet and have a pleasant climate with warm days and cooler evenings year round.  Ngorongoro Crater lodges lie at least 7500 feet as the only exceptions .
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Why should I book my safari with you ?

  • Jacko Africa safaris is owned and managed by local indigenous Kenyans who are professionally trained and have many years of experience in the travel industry. When you go on safari with the Jacko team, you are not only buying a safari program, but also sharing our many years of experience and the joy that can only come from a lifetime of living in this glorious land. We satisfy everything that safari dreams are made of, by offering the most luxurious and uniquely placed camps, lodges fine dinning and hideaways with dedicated personal service, and all the personal details – just the way you asked for them. Our reputation has been earned by being able to offer adventures and tours at realistic cost without compromise on quality or reliability, a commitment to excellent customer service and promotion and implementation of responsible travel practices. Be safe in the knowledge that we do not just know there, but we were born here and we regularly go there .
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How do I pay you and what are the Charges for a Credit Card Payment ?

  • Registration and booking for all programs requires a deposit of 30% on any tour arrangement at the time you book. The balance of the cost of your trip is to be paid 45 days prior to your departure date. Payment in full is required when bookings are made within 45 days of departure. As of now, if you are outside Kenya, there is one way of making payments to Jacko Africa Safaris. The mode of payment is via bank electronic funds transfer following the channel stipulated in our “Contact Us” page. Kindly find out your respective bank charges before transfer. If you are inside Kenya, we would prefer cash U.S dollars, or the equivalent in Kenya Shillings. Anywhere you will use credit card, the charge is up to 5% .
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How do we/I contact you to book or request for a safari through your company ?

  • Begin your exploration on our website pages, and then join us on the adventure of a life time-with Jacko Africa Safaris in East Africa. Please contact us at or visit our online booking page. When you SUBMIT your booking request, you shall be assigned one of our experienced consultants, who will contact you within 24 business hours to confirm availability. At JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS, we emphasize a personalized Customer Care system that has made us a unique professional enterprise of our own kind.
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How far in advance should I book my safari ?

  • It is better to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability at the time you wish to travel (4-6 months) or even more, especially during the high/peak season –July/August and Christmas/ New Year season. This is especially important for those wishing to travel on Private Custom safaris and those adding extensions to scheduled trips.
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Do we/I need any visas ?

  • All visitors are required to carry a passport that is valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. Visa to each of the three East African Countries should be obtained in advance through the various Embassies/ High Commissions abroad, although airport visas are available. Visa requirements do vary, depending on what passport you are travelling on. There is a fee for the Kenya visa currently standing at U.S $ 25.00, for all nationalities upon arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. Only new generation/currency cash bills dated from 2004 to date accepted. Tanzanian charges different visa rates for different nationalities, e.g U.S $ 100.00 per person for American Citizens, U.S $ 200.00 per person for Pakistanis, while most other nationalities pay U.S $ 50.00, and others don’t need visa. Find out where your nationality falls! Ugandan visa can respectively be obtained upon arrival for U.S $ 50.00 at point of entry - airport or border. We strongly advise you to check with us first for updates when planning your safari.
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Is there a guarantee to see the 'Big Five' as well as other wildlife whilst on safari with your company ?

  • It is most definite that you will see wild common game, which include antelopes like gazelles, impala and common plains game like zebras, buffalo, giraffes, etc. The big five (Elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalo) are not a guarantee to see. Depending on which area or national park you visit, our skilled driver guides do their level best to spot all the animals available within that area / park.
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Is Africa a good family destination ?

  • A safari is one of the best gifts you can reward a child 6 years and above to enjoy and appreciate the experience. Our Family safaris are designed especially for multi-generational travellers.  Family is the foundation of everything as they say. Our safaris definitely bring the family spirit of outdoor adventure by featuring educational centres, such as the Giraffe Centre, tree planting sessions, child friendly meals, camelback rides, Maasai school and village visits, swimming pools, visiting the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and learning about the characteristics of Africa’s Animal Kingdom on our itineraries.
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Will I be safe in Kenya ?

  • Yes, very much so! Kenya is very safe today, 2010. There are neither any more political disturbances nor any tribal conflicts.  Tourism is back on the road. In the main cities, we have taken care of the  pickpockets, street urchins, con artists wanting to ‘change’ your money, snatch your bag and the like. Avoid transactions with bystanders unless accompanied by your Tour Guide or Driver Guide. ‘Be smart’ do not wear jewellery, keep cameras, wallets and handbags in front of you or out of sight (or better still in your hotel safe), do not carry large sums of cash, walk in groups, do not wander off the main thoroughfares, and do not walk around at night. Do not create temptation by leaving money or valuables lying around in rooms or in vehicle. On our beaches, especially in the tourist resorts, beach traders can become a nuisance but learn to leave you alone very quickly if you firmly but politely decline any trade with them from the outset. Do not walk on the beaches at dusk, dawn or after dark. This may sound rather alarming, but please do remember that these problems are far from unique to our country and can usually be avoided with a bit of care and attention.
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What are the meals like ?

  • The meals are primarily European style buffets, Vegetarian, Indian dishes, Chinese, Italian with African influences.  Meals are included from breakfast on Day 1 through dinner on the last day of the program prior to departure for the airport. No lunches are included in Nairobi or Mombasa though. When out on safari all meals will be provided by the excellent venue booked for your stay. The quality of the cuisine in East Africa’ game lodges and camps is superb, with all meats, vegetables and fruits arriving fresh daily from the surrounding area’s rich farmlands.
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How will you help me prepare for my trip ?

  • We will send you a private customized detailed Pre safari booklet prior to your departure safari with the most current pre-departure travel information possible, allowing you the opportunity to gain the most out of your travel experience. Included in this booklet is recommended reading lists and destination travel guides to visa and health information.
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The Great Wildebeest Migration! Always on the Lookout!

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