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Our Guest Book : Experiences from Our Guests

Jacko Africa Safaris

Welcome to just but a few of our past guests’ letters of


April 18th 2017.

Hi Jackson,

I wanted to thank you for giving my family an adventure that we will never forget.

As a first time traveler to Africa I appreciate the patience and effort that you and your team supplied at every phase of the trip.  From working with us on developing a truly custom experience based on our timing and expectations to helping with the information needed to plan and pack, every detail from our first day of planning to the final drop off at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport for our trip home was covered.

Our guide Joseph was exceptional and patiently dealt with the delays that come with a family consisting of two teenage girls.  His knowledge of the country, animals, people, culture was extensive and as a guide he ensured there was no animal or adventure that we missed.

Thank you again to Joseph and to Jacko Team.

We will be back...

Best Regards,   Bob & Family, New York, NY - USA

March 31st, 2016.

Dear Jackson,

Thank you so much for the wonderful safari.  Kennedy Otiende made our time on safari wonderful!!!  He was very informative, super polite, kind and courteous!  We saw so many different animals and birds, including a leopard in Lake Nakuru and a cheetah in Mara Masai along with three female lions and their cubs. 

We truly enjoyed our time seeing God's great creatures. Thank you for arranging this safari for us.  We appreciate your excellence in drivers and accommodations for the safari.

May God bless you so much in your work in Kenya.

Patty Cassalia - Omaha, NE - USA.

March 06, 2015.

Hello Jackson,

We arrived safely with nice flights all on time and very happy with our trip.

Thanks again so much for your excellent cooperation all through this very nice trip of Uganda & Rwanda. See you soon when I return to Kenya in October 2015!

Kindest regard,

Abel – Quebec  –  Canada

October 12, 2014.


You are such a blessing to everyone. Thank you so much for all your special touches you added to make our trip very special. Hope to see you again. God bless you and your family.  Shanon Bagus – Las Vegas, NV – USA.

Thank you Jackson for such a special trip – all the days were filled with wonder. I love your country and its smiling people. Wish you all the best till we meet again. Nancy Richards – Marina Del Rey, Los Angelis, CA – USA.

Dear Jackson,

We thank you so much for this wonderful safari. We have created many beautiful memories of Africa and its people through your sharing. You have a special gift of painting a picture of your stories and knowledge. We are so happy to have met you and hope that you will visit us someday the next time you will be in the US. Thank you for making our vacation so special.

Sincerely Yours,

Kathy & Larry Dyjak – Chicago, IL-USA

Dear Jackson,

I hope you know how special you are to us. We knew we would have a good time, but this trip was beyond our expectations. Your attention to detail was phenomenal! We appreciated everything, and wish you and your family great health and happiness – you are truly a great friend with a good heart! Fondly Yours, John & Pat Slack, Lenox Hill-Chicago, IL –USA.

October 25, 2013.


We would like to give our warm thanks for the excellent safari tour we had on 15-17 October 2013. Your guide Joseph was very nice, helpfull and informative on all the animals we saw on the Masai Mara game reserve. We enjoyed it a lot and I can safely say it was one of our best holidays so far !

Albert & Maria, Athens, Greece


Click here to see some of the photos provided by Albert!  Great Photos, Albert!  Thanks!

September 23rd 2013.

Hi Mr. Kennedy / Jacko Africa Safaris,

We would like to thank you for an amazing trip in Kenya.

The trip was wonderfully organized, and succeeded beyond our expectations.

The lodges were all beautiful, with a very friendly staff and comfortable feeling.

In addition to your professional planning, we were very lucky, and succeeded to find almost every animal and scene, we had wanted to see.

Above of all, we would like to mention our wonderful and professional driver-guide, Michael Wachira.

Mike was very kind, patient and attentive to all our wishes. He made a great effort to find for us the most interesting, rare and beautiful animals.

He always knew where to drive and how to locate the car in the best point of view.

He demonstrated a huge knowledge of all animal's names and ways of lives, and introduced it in a very interesting way.

We really feel that we had the *best* driver-guide.

Your sincerely,

Schapi - Family, Tel Aviv, Israel.

My Memorable Safari with Jacko!

January 31st 2013.

I cannot explain in words how much we enjoyed in your company, Jacko Africa Safaris. The safari was wonderful and Jacko Team was simply a gem of a team who did its best to show us as much as possible…. Great thanks to Jacko guides, manager and tour leader for giving us a memorable safari.

Moreover, my idea about Kenya was not much, but living with you all for a week has enriched us about you, your culture, civilization, hospitality and everything.

I wonder why we were so late in exploring Africa, but glad that, “better late than never.” and our kids got to know it early. They grew good friendship with everyone and like to come back soon. Please accept our best best best wishes for all of you and Kenya. We all arrived safely and thanks for your memento. – Subhra – USA.

Safarireview.com: Recommended? Yes! Value: 5 out of 5! Service: 5 out of 5! Eco-friendliness: 5 out of 5!

Kenya Wildlife Safari with Jacko!


January 21st 2013.

We love Kenya with its outstanding wildlife and friendly people. This year we wanted to visit during the time of the great migration, when the Masai Mara promised a unique spectacle. We have a special interest in elephants and they featured prominently in our safari.

We timed our safari to see the great migration of wildebeest and zebras in the Masai Mara National Reserve. It was astonishing to see the rolling plains filled with animals as far as the eye could see! We lingered over the sight of zebras crossing a small river - the water only came up to their knees - but zebras are so photogenic and each has a unique stripe pattern.

With such a great concentration of prey animals, big cats were never far away. We saw many lions at close quarters, including this handsome male enjoying a sumptuous breakfast of fresh young wildebeest caught in the night. Mara lions are accustomed to visitors, posing for the camera - when they are not fast asleep, which they are for most of the day. In contrast, the fierce lions of Tsavo East remain aloof and cultivate their image as descendants of the infamous man-eaters of Tsavo

Although we saw cheetahs in the Masai Mara, our best encounters were in Meru National Park, where we were alone with these beautiful animals. Early one morning we found a mother and her two nearly full grown cubs. Mama was diligently hunting, but for the two youngsters this was too boring, so they climbed trees, did gymnastics and tried sneaking up on our car. The next day we were witness to a kill, when another female cheetah hurled herself onto a kudu right next to the car.

Kenya boasts a spectacular diversity of birds, some stunningly beautiful while others are just plain weird looking. These are just a few of the many species we saw - lilac-breasted roller, white-browed coucal, vulturine guinea fowl, helmeted guinea fowl and white-bellied bustards…

Thanks to Jacko Africa Safaris team for making sure that we enjoyed and had an adventure of our life time. Jacob – USA.

Safarireview.com: Recommended? Yes! Value: 5 out of 5! Service: 5 out of 5! Eco-friendliness:  5 out of 5!

June 29th 2012.

Hello Jackson,

I am now back in the United States following a wonderful trip to Africa.

The safari was incredible. I loved the whole safari experience. It was amazing to see the animals I have always dreamed about and have seen in pictures in magazines. It was a dream-come-true. The lodges were exceptional - warm, friendly people, delicious food, beautiful environment, comfortable accommodations...

Peter was a wonderful tour guide. He is knowledgeable, helpful, personable, and reliable. Please say hello to Kennedy for me and thank him for greeting us at the airport when we arrived.

My best to all of you and a sincere thank-you for this experience of a lifetime!

Kindest regards,

Becky – USA

November 30th 2011.

Dear Jackson,

I am sorry to have delayed this long in thanking you for two things.  We just completed our busiest season in 25 years and I got way behind.  This still does not diminish my heartfelt thanks for your excellent handling of the T- Group.

This is a great group I have and you showed them the trip of a lifetime.  This is not an easy feat, especially considering the leader had been there before.  So thank you for the expert service.

I also thank you for the gifts! These returned with Charlie in good order and it was a nice surprise.

I look forward to future collaboration with you.


Craig Howard.

Chamber Discoveries.

SST/ Bank Tours Direct.
Fresno, CA - USA.


October 24th 2011.


As what repeated last night – you did a great job! You opened up Kenya and Tanzania to me in a way that is indescribable. The education around the problem s and the possibilities of Africa was well presented.

Shari’s “Trip of a lifetime” became mine as we met the people, talked to their children and immersed ourselves in the lovely landscape. I am forever grateful – it was very emotional for me to be here where early man lived and where the protected wildlife continues to roam.

Vision 2030 and all the goals it entails is surprisingly around the corner. We wish you all the very best. Continue to educate, continue to inform, continue your optimism. With God’s help the goals will be realized.

As always, John & Shari

Aptos, CA – USA. a

August 3rd 2011.

Dear Ken,

We just arrived home and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, and our wonderful guides, Jeff and Simba, for providing us with the absolute best travel experience we have ever had.  George and I have travelled extensively throughout the world but we both have said this was the best vacation we have ever taken.

Every day was exciting with something totally new for us.  Not only did we love the animals but we had some terrific opportunities to meet many different people- the two things that really were a special treat were the visit to the Masai village and going to church with Jeff on the way back to Nairobi.

Both Jeff and Simba were outstanding guides with an incredible depth of knowledge about the wildlife and the culture and politics of their own countries, all of which were of great interest to us.  The only thing in need of improvement or change were the roads, and that is out of your control and actually added a bit more adventure to the trip.

We can’t thank you enough for the safari experience you provided.

Nancy and George Proctor

Lake Mary, Florida, USA !

February 20th 2011.

From Canada - Thank you very much!

Hello Jackson,

I'm writing you from Canada. I was with VL- January Group and I just want to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent work you and your team did for us. Right from the beginning upon our arrival in Nairobi, all your attention was greatly appreciated. From the live music to the roses, everything was so nice and thoughtful!

I also want to tell you how much we appreciated our 3 excellent driver-guides: Patrick, Thierry and Jimmy. They were very professional, knowledgeable and excellent drivers! You can be proud to have such good ambassadors for your company! They really took good care of us and we can tell that they really enjoy their work! They were able to answer all of our questions and were always ready to help.

Please, make sure to send the 3 of them my best regards!

Your team in Tanzania was also excellent. It was my second visit there and I enjoyed it as much as the first time! Less difficult this time since I did not climb Kilimanjaro like I did the first time!

I was among the 4 people who went to Zanzibar. Once again, excellent job from your partners. I really enjoyed my stay there. The only thing I would do differently is to propose a hotel in Stone Town right in the old town (or at a walking distance). The Mbweni Ruins Hotel was very nice, but since we were not staying for a very long, it would have been easier for us to stay in the old town. That way, we would have been able to enjoy it even more.

I get to travel a lot and I'm very please to say that this was one of my best trip ever! I am seriously considering coming back to visit other areas of your wonderful country: Lake Turkana, Tsavo, Mombasa and Lamu. I will let you know about this.

Once again thank you very much for everything and congratulations for your great work and for your excellent team!

Linda Bernier


October 29th 2010.

Re: Jacko Safaris

Oh my gosh .., we are now in India and still cannot believe how good the safari was.  Jackson was beyond great.  His knowledge of the animals and the terrain of each park was incredible.  It was as if he drove around them every day.  We were not expecting to get the boss as our guide.  Also, the drivers were qualified game drivers and superb at their tasks.

Previously, when we were in southern Africa, a game spotter from the park or resort had joined our rover.  When this did not happen, I was surprised.  Then Jackson showed he knew more than anyone I have ever encountered.  Later, I was to discover he could do all this in German too.  A language both Rob and I speak well.  We had lots of fun switching between the two languages.

We also had fun watching the A&K people have exactly the same experience at higher price.  Each detail was perfect.  Not a single driver and/or experience was late or a disappointment.  Jackson seemed to know everyone, from hotel managers to Masai tribesman. By the way, Serena Hotels are a fine organization.  Each meal was still from a buffet, but it was the best steam table food I have ever seen.  The Kirawira Tented Camp is an experience everyone should have.  Karen Blixen could have walked into the dining room.  We will not be back in the US till late November and will call with a full update. 

Many thanks for making the last two weeks perhaps the best travel experience this thoroughly jaded traveler has ever had.

Jackson; you out did yourself!  Thank you for such a wonderful tour that you provided and the extensive knowledge you had along the way.


Chris – Whitefish, MT – USA.

August 8th 2010.

Dear Jackson –

Good to hear from you, and I appreciate your checking in with me! All is well on my end. Now married with a 15 month old son… we will take him on safari to Kenya once he’s a bit older! Still based in NYC and traveling a great deal for work. Looks like Jacko Africa Safaris Ltd is doing well. Bravo! My father and I often recall fondly our superb trip with you.

All the best,

Michael Kocher – New York – USA.

June  06th 2010


Hope all is well with you.

I have given your name to another colleague who might contact you. His name is Frank. As with the last short day trip, he has done many safaris and is looking for something tailored made. I told him you would offer some excellent suggestions and a good price.

See you next month.

Take care,

Randy  - New York, NY – USA.

May 28th 2010.

Dear Jackson,

Many thanks for your help and discussion with the lodges.

You have the best service and I'm sure we will have more business in the future. Thanks!

Also, would you please try to issue the invitation letter for 2 clients, who are holding Passports for Public Affairs, because they need to apply for business visa.

Would you please find some Chinese Trading Company to apply for them - please let me know if you have extra cost!

So many thanks again!
Fanny - Hong Kong

January 01st 2010.

Hi Jackson,

Dan and I were recommending you to a friend who will be visiting Kenya, and we looked you up on the web.

How nice to see your company and the travel options that you offer! It makes us want to return for another trip. The memories of our Kenya /Tanzania trip with you two years ago are still fresh and wonderful.

All the best to you,
Barbara & Dan - Ann Arbor, MI - USA

September 21st 2009.


Dear Jackson,

Thank you for the excellent safari. It was truly a pleasure for me to have you with us. You are charming, accommodating, extremely knowledge able and we all felt very safe with you, Richard and Peter.

It was extremely enjoyable safari. Thank you for spoiling us to the hilt. Highly professional!!!!

Thank you also for the sundowner and magnificent sunset. I will be sending you some of the selected pictures as we discussed.

Dr. Ali Kamani.

Vancouver, BC - CANADA.

August 04th 2009.


To Jackson,

Thank you for the great time in East Africa. An experience I’ll fondly remember.  As the short time has passed since our departure my reflection upon the journey gets better.  Prior to my visit I was preparing for a humbling experience.  I cannot say it was so humbling per se but an experience that brought a deeper appreciation for many things on this earth.  I’m currently in Paxton, Nebraska getting back into the swing of things.  I have a FACEBOOK page that I keep updated from time-to-time. You might want to check that out.

So, keep me in the loop, I look forward to staying in touch with you.

My best to you, TOM!

 Hello All, including Jackson,

What a trip! Well, the tuition was rather steep but the education was very cool. To me, it seems to be getting better the more I come away from our Africa journey.  I’m confident that over time the experience will be even more special because there were so many friends sharing the same space and time. So many highlights with very few lowlights made for a many special moments. As I think about the number of images and photos taken it is somewhat remarkable.  However, towards the top of my list of favorites were the surreal lion hunts. For all of us, Mother Nature demonstrated front and center the lion’s amazing instincts and incredible communication skill.  It certainly made the gazelle’s life a little more stressful.  I’m confident one gazelle in particular had a skid mark or two after that close call.

Thank you! It was my pleasure to be a part of such a special group of people.  I had a ball!  I look forward to sharing stories.  Let me know when you want to do it again some time . . .  different place. Don’t leave me behind!

Hugs and Kind Regards,

Tommy James Breen.

Paxton, NE - U.S.A

July  08th 2009.



From first day seeing your bright eyes meeting us at the Nairobi Airport to today when we must part, I see your smile and know that I leave Africa once again with gladness in my heart.

Thank you so much for guiding us on such a wonderful journey – one which my grandson will always remember.

Thank you for listening to my concern about car sickness and making it possible for me to journey well.

Thank you for your helping me with my credit card problem and spending your time and money on phone calls and e-mails.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness toward everybody in our group and bringing us together as a “family”

Thank you for your farsighted vision, and knowing of your environment which allowed us to see and experience so many animals, birds, and different environmental areas.

Nate and I hope that you have a good return to your family, and that JACKO AFRICA SAFARIS realizes how valuable you are to this organisation. We hope that you will continue to use your great expertise and that beautiful smile to help others see and experience the beauty of Africa.

Thank you again and God bless you.

Sincerely Yours,

Gretchen & Nate Bering.

Grand Junction, CO - U.S.A.

April 1st 2009.


Hello Jackson,

Our trip home was a long one.  From the time we left Kenya, we arrived back to San Francisco after 34 hours had past.  You need to visit San Francisco.  It is much nicer than the other experiences you had in the States.

We enjoyed our trip to East Africa with you.  We went to South Africa before and both were much fun but we saw more animals with you.  I gave you a bigger tip that I usually do because we appreciated being with you as well as we were happy to be able to give something else for the family.

Susan and I just signed up for another trip to Europe.  We are going to Iceland in September.  I just hope that our money lasts for travel before we kick the bucket.

Take care,

Jerry Freschi.

Klamath Falls, OR – U.S.A.


February 12th  2009.


Dear Fellow Tourists and Jackson,

We enjoyed meeting you all immensely and hope that we will see you again in the future. We loved the trip and found our adventure in Africa fascinating. The animals were just like Noah' Ark and the Garden of Eden combined.

Our experience was above our expectations and we will let all our friends know that we were delighted with every aspect of our stay. Jackson did an extraordinary job and was gracious and accommodating. Our driver, Moody, was a wonderful driver and a fantastic game spotter.

There were so many high points that it is hard to select one. We were most fascinated by the dominance fight by the young chimp, Oscar.  The most heart wrenching was the birth of the baby Wildebeest in the vicinity of the waiting hyenas.  The hippo-soup pond was the most revolting, but that is nature! Probably no animal would want to get into that pond except the crocs. A pair of lions resting after mating was the most exotic sight. I don’t want to overlook the excellent parenting of the warthogs, the stately giraffes, the majestic elephants, the herd animals, the zebras and rhinos,  hyenas, jackals, oryx, rock-hyrax, large and small cats,  the exotic birds, the baboons and monkeys.  The Oldupai Gorge brought home our common ancestry.

We ate too much, slept too little and bounced a lot but it was worth it.

I will be in touch after wading through the approximately 3000 photos which we took during the trip, and the tone of e-mails accumulated in our absence. A lesson learned by me is that the world kept turning even in my absence! I won't ever take myself so seriously ever again.

We enjoyed the trip so much, but are happy to be home.


Sanne & Hugh DeWitt, Berkeley – CA


October 1st  2008.


Dear Jackson,

Thank you so much for making our safari in Africa so special – the best vacation we ever had! Your expertise in coordinating and managing our itinerary and personalities showed a quality we very much admired.

It was a joy to see such a variety of biodiversity at close range. You gave us in-depth insight into all aspects of flora and fauna of East Africa. We especially enjoyed the three cultural description of East Africa – economic, social and political. It helped weave a more complete understanding of this part of the world.

Please contact us if your family and you find yourselves in New York. We would love to reciprocate.

Sincerely yours,

Harriette & Allen Weingast,

Cortlandt Manor, NY – USA.


September 10th  2008.


Hi Jackson!

I just mailed off my survey giving you much credit for the wonderful job you did with our group. I had a wonderful time and must thank you very much for being a fantastic trip manager. I especially appreciate your help getting medicine when I was sick.

As I listen to my African folk music cassette purchased from a small shop in the town of Karatu, I am remembering our great cultural visits to the local school, woodcarver, town market, home visit, coffee plantation and our wonderful Tloma Lodge.

Thank you for all of the accommodating you did under sometimes pressure-filled circumstances. You had a challenging group to put it mildly, and you rose to the occasion with excellence in mediation. You were great! And our drivers Felix and Lyimo did a fantastic job navigating all of those rugged roads!

It is my hope that your dreams for you and your family are fulfilled!

Thanks again and may God bless you!

Vicki Hayes. San Diego, CA - USA


August 24th -31st  2008.


Hello Jackson,

Hope all is well in Kenya and with you and your family.

We had a wonderful and amazing time on our safari. It was a trip of a lifetime!! Everything was set up perfectly and went just as planned.

Thank you for everything. We hope to come back again in the future and will use your services again. I have attached the photo of us from Country Lodge.

Please keep in touch and definitely let us know when you will be in the New York City area.

Warmest Regards,

Glenn & Adrienne Krieger.

New York City, NY – USA.


July 05th  2008.


Hi Jackson,

Thank you for your e-mail.  The flight home was long...but the memories of the trip wonderful! Thank you for taking special care of all of us and providing us with a great tour of Kenya and Tanzania!

May you continue to have wonderful travel groups!  Enjoy your work, your family, and your life.  If you and your family come to the USA/Califonia - please let me know so I might provide some hospitality.

I am almost back to my normal routines, but the trip will always be one of my very special memories for the rest of my life. Thank you!

Carol Black.

San Francisco, CA – USA.


June 07th 2008.


Dear Jackson,

We just wanted to thank you for being our Trip Leader. We understand there were some very unique moments on this safari. Thank you for always being very professional. You certainly tried to accommodate everyone’s wishes and needs. It was appreciated.

Thank you for sharing with us and teaching us so many interesting facts about your beautiful country / continent of Africa. We have many treasured memories to carry with us for many years to come.

Please remember that you will always be welcome in our home when you visit the U.S.A next time.


Heidi & Bob Bass, Detroit, MI.


February 2008.



Africa, Africa, vast and far away

To Kenya and Tanzania the six of us did stray.

With Jackson as our guide, we think he’s just the best,

Nancy and Charlotte filled out the rest.

With the Coles and the Carillots so savvy and hip

We’ve added to our memory bank, another fabulous trip!

After Nairobi, it was on to Sweetwater Camp

Where Carol and Barb on a camel, did tramp.

The night found us riding with animals to see

And not disappointed, they brought us much glee.

Aardvarks, elephants, giraffes and waterbucks

Lions, gazelles and rhinos, the size of a truck.

Bernard and James were masters of the roads

As they drove all the bumps, with their very precious loads.

The lodge at Amboseli was a very special treat

And the visit with the Maasai just couldn’t be beat.

Lunch and dinnertime found us ordering “Lucy Ice Tea”

While the ice machine whirred, into the next century.

Fred and Sumawe, Tanzanian drivers bar none

Took the traffic and the bumps and kept us on the run.

Day seven found us finally at the tented camp, Lake Burunge

Where Lucy and Vince wanted to request a “refundee.”

The greeting of the day is a very hearty “Jambo”

But Dave’s usual response is, “Where’s the Black Mamba!”

The Lodge at Tloma was as beautiful as could be

Flowers, trees and hills for as far as one could see.

The school children at Karatu with their smiles stole our hearts

We will never forget them, as from Africa we depart.

Bananas we played at the end of the day

Vince would make up new words as we’d all say, “no way!”

Day thirteen found us in the Ngorongoro Crater

Traveling the steep mountain trails, that could use a road grader.

Four Cheetahs welcomed us to the Serengeti so vast

Topi, hippos and crocs gave us memories to last.

Our time at Mbuzi Mawe was filled with Valentines and cheer

But all good things, I reckon, must come to an end, I fear.

We come at last to the end of our trip

To all nine of us, we raise a hearty, “Hip Hip.”

Expectations were met, and exceeded by far

Here’s to all of you, who helped raised the bar!


February 2008!

Barbara & Dan Balbach, Ann Arbor, MI


January 28, 2008.



We got home without a hitch and will be praying that the political situation in Kenya be resolve shortly. Your country will quickly get back to peaceful times and grow from the experiences that you are now having. Although we pray for peace, we all know that many good results must be in the positive direction and that it will take a lot of hard work to get to that point where peace will win out over diversity.

Jackson, you are a great trip leader with compassion for a successful experience for people like us. Thank you for all your insights to your country and showing us the beauty of your country and how much you enjoy your work. We had snow on the ground when we got home which is different from what we had while in Kenya and Tanzania. It is nice to be home, but still we could have spent a lot more time in Africa. We took so many pictures, which we will cherish for years to come. We will have special thoughts about you and your family and we shall not forget you very soon. We know you love your country and its people and we are sure that this is a painful time for all of you in Kenya, but in Christ’s Love, we trust that the disputes shall be over soon.

Thanks again, and God bless you!

Harold and Janet McCune



September 30, 2007.


St Louis Park, MN

Jackson –

Thank you for answering all my questions and your keen insight on Kenya and Tanzania. I was delighted to see parks that I had not seen before and as well many animals that I had not seen. Your knowledge of birds was very enlightening.

Some things have changed over 25 years, but many have not. I only wish my wife could have survived long enough to return to Africa. It was both our dream to return to Africa together.

Good luck in your future success. May God bless you and your family!

Larry Monty Carlson.



July 1st, 2007.


Dear Jackson,

What a wonderful experience this has been! We feel fortunate to have had you as our trip leader. Your knowledge of African history and its wildlife is amazing, not to mention world history.

You are a charming person as well as a very capable trip leader. We wish the best for you and your family in the coming years.

If you are ever in Western USA, you are more than welcome to spend sometime with us. Thank you for sharing Kenya and Tanzania with us. To a very large degree, our trip has been a great experience because of you.

All our best,

Brian & Joyce Olson.


September 20, 2006.



Jambo, and greetings from Idaho, USA. It’s been a few years, so I am not sure you remember me, but you were guide for me and Pat on one of those Globus Safaris to various locations in your beautiful country. A wonderful time and a trip of a lifetime!

At any rate, I am making this attempt to contact you because of a recent conversation with a colleague of mine. It seems she is in a process of producing a documentary film, and shall be travelling to Kenya sometime early next year. At this point in time, she has no itinerary, but I have convinced her that a top notch guide would be indispensable and well worth the expense. Since you were the best of the guides we had in East Africa, I though it would be worthwhile attempting to contact you.

I guess the first question is, are you still in the guiding business, and the second would you be interested in working with a documentary film project? Of course I have no idea if this address is still a good one. A good bit of time has passed. I did attempt e-mail via internet, but was unsuccessful. So anyway, if this does happen to get to you, and you are interested, please contact me.

By way of information, probably the best way to contact me would be via e-mail. My e-mail address is: kenneth.grimmett@deq.idaho.gov

Best wishes and high regards,

Ken Grimmett.

Boise, Idaho.


July 5, 2006


Placitas, New Mexico

Dear Jackson,

I’m still trying to get my pictures onto Snapfish, but this picture of the baboon mother and baby is special with the baby sucking its thumb.

Ann and I continue to talk about the fabulous trip we had with you in Kenya and Tanzania, wonderful memories and in many ways life changing. Life changing in the sense that we had a glimpse of a way of life which was unknown to us and that impacts the way we look at our own way of life in a very positive way. I was talking to an artist friend of mine, Ned Jacob, who spent many months painting in Kenya in the 1970’s, he said, “Did you see the secretary bird?  The fish eagle?”  It was great to share my love of birds and sights with him.

I’m sending this bird book to you in appreciation for all you are doing in educating travelers to enjoy the bird life of beautiful Kenya and Tanzania.

Give my regards to your family and I trust all is well with you.


Georgia Wornall,

Placitas, NM, USA


December 31, 2005


Last May, my family and I had the pleasure and grand opportunity to visit Kenya and embark on an eight day safari under the auspices of Jacko. Our trip was all that we could have asked and far exceeded our expectations.

Our accommodations were pleasant, the food well presented and the staff always courteous and helpful. The van, in which we spent a considerable amount of time, was spacious and comfortable. This factor turned out to be very important as the roads are in terrible condition and often non-existent.

The highlight of the trip was our guide Jackson and our driver Norman Mulinge. Both men showed a deep pride and love for the country. What was truly outstanding however was their extensive knowledge of the animals, the birds, the flora and the vegetation. Jackson’s eye for finding the animals was simply outstanding. Just when we thought we had seen all to see on one of the game drives, Norman would make a sudden turn and off we would go down a seemingly non existent road and there was a leopard or a pride of lions heading out for a night’s hunting. We’ll never forget seeing the King of the Jungle emerge from a thicket and close enough to touch. Jackson and Norman made sure that we saw everything, including the remains of a kill with a lioness keeping watch as the hyenas and the vultures closed in.

It is not always easy to spend eight days and nights with total strangers, but Jackson and Norman made it seem as though we were all old friends. They handled all details of the trip effortlessly and efficiently making it a spectacular experience..

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Kenya, do so with Jackson and Norman.

Sincerely Yours,

Allison Burchell-Robinson

P.O. Box 63

Ashford, CT 06278 USA

E-mail :: allwall5@aol.com


SA, den 23. Oktober 2005.


Djambo Lieber Jackson,

wir sind alle wieder gut in Deutcshland agekommen. Nun moechten wiruns einmal recht herzlich fuer die wunderbaren und unvergesslichen Erlebnise und die guten Betreuung bedanken.

Kenia ist so ein wunderschoenes Land. Die Menschen sind so liebeswert, die Landschaft und die Tiere sind unvergleichlich und unbeschreiblich shcoen! Wir werden diese schoenen Urlaubstage nie vergessen. Afrika ist so wundervoll, dass wir sicher bald wiederkommen.!

Wir haben diesem Brief ein paar Fotos beigelegt. Wir haben doch in diesen 2 Wochen insgesamt 820 Aufnahmen in den beeindruckenden Nationalparks gemacht! Bitte auch liebe Gruesse an Sam, der uns so gut und so sicher gefahren hat.

An Euch beide danke, danke, danke fuer alles! Asante sana!

Herzliche Gruesse,

Thomas Becker u. Astrid Gottschlalk.

Ernest-Reuter- Platz 5.

D-37242 Bad Sooden-Allendorf.


E-Mail :: becker.bsa@t-online.de


15 diciembre 2004


A Jackson Wekesa

Estimado amigo:

Supongo que con tantos safaris que debes de realizar durante la temporada es dificil que te acuerdes de nosotros. En concreto, comenzamos en Kenya el dia 3 de Junio de 2004 y estuvimos hasta el 8 de Junio ( junto con Henry y una pareja de Madrid), para posteromente seguir el safari en Tanzania. Para que hagas memoria, si miras en la foto donde aparecemos junto al vehiculo, nosotros dos somos los que estamos situados a tu lado.

Te manadamos junto con la presente unas cuantas fotos de recuerdo del safari que realizamos, que espero que te  gusten, aunque en realidad no soy buen fotografo. Todas son de Kenya excepto el leopardo, que fue uno de los unicos que se nos resistio en el Serengeti.

Vera que hay un sobre aparte donde hay dos fotografias, las que realizamos a una pareja joven del poblado Samburu ( creo que el dia 4 de Junio), y que nos pidieron que enviasemos copia para ellos a traves de ti. Te agradeceria que cuando puedas les hicieses llegar las dos fotos.

Esperamos que el 2004 haya sido un buen ano para ti y que estamos a punto de empezar sea aun mucho mejor. Nos gusto mucho veustro pais y sobretodo haberlo visitado contigo.

Un abrazo,

Moises Font i Caademont y

Montserrat Arumi i Prat.

c. Pinatell, 31 OLOT



September 2004


It is now 2000. The thought mostly on mind was focused on my next trip, which was Africa. Lucy (my wife) had a lifelong dream to go there, because of her love for animals, she wanted to see them, be able to touch then, as they were nowhere found in North America. The most popular Africa Safari country is Kenya in East Africa.

We boarded the plane that flew into Paris, France as our rest stop before continuing on to Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital. Upon arrival our Tour Guide introduced himself as Jackson, and said he would be with us throughout the tour. I shall never forget the first time I saw him, he looked so much like the former basketball player from Detroit, Isaiah Thomas. He could have been his twin, and no one would argue against that. I believed at that moment, this tour was going to be one of the best I have experienced. There were 29 tourists in our group and we rode in five vehicles.

On my van we had a cast; three females and two males, of whom four white and one black. I find myself in Kenya, and I think of my forefathers who came from the darkness of Africa to the light of America. Alan Locke stated that, “Africa is not only our mother, but in the light of most science it is beginning to appear that it was the cradle of mankind. Of the 29 tourists, many must have chosen to travel to Africa for different reasons; see and take photographs of the largest concentration of the types of animals in Kenya, the mixed people who speak Swahili, see the real villages of Kenya, the Coast, the national parks, falls, visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve. I wanted to see all this and more. Sure enough our tour guide, Jackson made our trip one of our lifetime.

At the end of our journey, our group was split because some of the group were proceeding to Tanzania. Those of us who did not go, remained at the Nairobi Hilton for two days. Before our tour guide left, he had talked to me about my inquiry when I first arrived about purchasing a special ring with my birthstone. He informed me as to where I ought find the ring or they could make one for me. The next day Lucy and I went shopping in Nairobi. She wanted some jewellery and gifts, and I wanted to find my ring. After looking much of the day, Lucy found her gifts, but I did not find my ring. So I gave up and we went back to the hotel for the evening festivities. This evening, our group was treated to one of the finest buffet dinners I had ever experienced. The venue was the Carnivore Restaurant!. When you are in Kenya, you feel an attachment to the old country, to the people, the countryside, the wild animals, and those in the habitat, and you don’t want to leave. Notwithstanding, the time was near and we realized that we had to leave, with thoughts of perhaps returning at a later date.

The following day, after our last group lunch at the hotel, we discussed the possibility of Jackson returning to see us off, because he had promised he would. He was under no obligation to do so, but he had turned his duties to an alternative tour guide, who was to ensure that we departed Nairobi on time as prescribed in the agenda. When near the end of the day and within hours before we were to depart for the airport to return to the United States, and after we had almost forgotten all about our leader, Jackson walks in. He said, “Jambo’ (Hello!) to those around him, and everyone was glad to see him.

I rushed to him shook his hand. At that time he asked me if I had found my ring and I said I had not. He asked me why not, and I replied that I could not find the jewellery store. He said, “Don’t worry, I will get you a ring”. He immediately called the jewellery storeowner that he had referred me to and asked him to open his store because Jackson knew someone who was in need of a ring and had traveled all the way to Kenya to buy one with a birthstone and diamonds of his choosing. Whatever Jackson said to jewellery storeowner worked, because in a matter of 15 minutes later, the jeweler was here! He had closed his shop for the evening and gone home.

At the jeweler’s was a selection of very fine rings, diamonds and birthday stones. I chose the kind of ring I wanted, the jeweler measured my finger and said he would make me a ring as requested.

The available ready-made jewel rings were not quite fitting me, or they were not my birthstone. I gave him my address in the United States, he said he would send me the ring when he finished it. I thanked him and Jackson and I left. I forgot all the details had not been completed, that is, we did not make a financial arrangement to pay for the ring. Jackson said “Not to worry, he shall send it to you and then you shall pay for it”. Now I said to myself; this must have been an oversight on the part of this fellow!!. I thought no more about the ring. It is just time for me to return to America.

When Jackson and I returned to the hotel, we found a strange situation that had developed there. We walked into a scene where one of the tourists was sitting on the hotel floor, as others were watching. She was crying with deep sadness. She was upset because she had to return to the United States, even though she had family in California, and was not allowed to remain in Kenya longer so that she would spend more time with the animals, nice people and the children in the Maasai village. After consoling her, we explained that she must go back home to her family and her job. She finally came back to her senses and accepted the inevitable.

We boarded the plane for our return trip to the United states of America, the greatest country in the world, and a different new world compared to Africa. It is difficult to make a comparison. My trip to Kenya can never be described in adjectives or words because my description would not give it the credit it deserves.

Approximately six weeks after I returned home, I received in the mail a small package. When I opened it I found the ring that I had ordered from Kenya! In the packet, there was a letter from the jeweler stating that, “this is the ring you ordered for”. If you like it you may send the check for $700 dollars to my sister who lives at this address in New York City. If you don’t like the ring. Please return it to me”. I went to have the ring appraised, and the appraiser quoted me a price of US $2100.00. So, I had two surprises! The moral to this is that Africans…

Quoted from real-life autobiographic travel account of Mr. William O. Lowery. Author of his first book: Life, Goals, and Results. Published by American Literary Press, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland, 2004.

William O. Lowery.

37E Chestnut Street.

Bordentown NJ 08505, USA.

E-mail :: wllowery@comcast.net

January 17th, 2004.


I was privileged to go on a safari in May 1999 hosted by Jackson, and I would recommend his services to anyone interested in engaging an experienced, professional guide.

My safari with Jackson was arranged through an American travel company and from the instant I met Jackson, I was impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, charm, sense of humor, graciousness and ease in moving between cultures. There were 12 people in my group, and Jackson managed our differing personalities and needs with tact worthy of a diplomat. We never felt hurried or rushed when sightseeing or shopping, yet somehow we never arrived anywhere late.

Jackson must always be aware of the itinerary, but he never communicated any impatience to us. His people skills are above reproach and he easily earned the devoted respect of every member of our party.

In addition to these qualities, Jackson proved to be someone who can make things happen. For example, he arranged for me to accompany the ground crew of a balloon safari, an experience I relished and a memory I will always treasure. He is an excellent game spotter, finding creatures overlooked by less experienced guides. He has an excellent reputation; several times we were told by others in the tourist industry that Jackson "is the best." He is also something of a Renaissance man: He could identify birds for members of the group interested in ornithology; teach Swahili to those interested in linguistics; recall names of plants for the botany-minded; recount the genesis of modern Kenya for history buffs; and discuss current events for politically savvy tourists. His knowledge and level of involvement in diverse topics is remarkable.

Jackson made my trip to Kenya so much more enriching than I ever imagined it could be, and far more than I could have accomplished on my own. I would recommend him to anyone traveling to Kenya.

Yours truly,

Terri Gates.

St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.  



Dear Jackson,

It’s more than a month now, after we retuned from our visit to Tanzania. We jumped right into our daily routines.  But at least once a week, we come together and enjoy the memories of our “safari”. All of us agree that this trip is definitely one of our best experiences in our life if not the best.  And we do also agree that your excellent guidance provided a lot of this feeling.

I myself seem to be the laziest man in the group.  I have shot just 3 hours of videotape and 9 rolls of film.  Ali keeps the world-record of shootings more than 5 rolls of film and at least 5-6 hours of videotape.

We have all young children – except Mahmut and Mubish (Their son is 14 years old now)- and I guest we bring them also to Africa in a couple of years.  And most probably this time it will be to Kenya. As I have told you, I had the pleasure to come to Kenya and Tanzania 23 years ago, and I wished I had the opportunity to visit with my friends the national parks in Kenya now.  But I think the time was really not enough to go to both countries.

But before we come, I hope you also have a plan to visit Turkey and Istanbul. I know you have been in Germany, but Turkey is quite a different country, and I guess it is worth seeing.

In the meantime, “The Ghost and The Darkness” started to run in the movies. Did it run already in Kenya?  It was very interesting to watch it in much a short time after our trip. If you didn’t have the opportunity, I strongly recommend it.

Once again, Jackson, thank you very much for your help and guidance, We especially gave your name to our travel agency, and I think you will have a lot of new Turkish clients having you as a guide in East Africa. And if you see them, please give our greetings to Rashid and Emmanuel, who also contributed a lot to our holiday.

I try to send you some info about our Turkey ( to prepare yourself for your visit), And I hope you let us know when you get married. Keep in touch and I wish you all the best.


Faruk Eczaciabasi,

Istanbul, Turkey.

13 mayo 1994


Estimado amigo Jackson,

Hemos recibido su amable carta y nos hemos alegrado mucho de tener noticias suyas. Fue Ud. muy amable en nuestro viaje y le recordamos con afecto.  

Le deseamos que la operacion de su novia vaya muy bien y puedan casarse pronto.

En cuanto a su viaje a Espana ya nos avisaran y con mucho gusto le atenderemos cuando vengan.

Le envio unas fotos como recuerdo de nuestro viaje.

Un afectuoso saludo.

Arturo Suque Puig.

Carmen Mateu Suque

Pedro de Montcada 1, Avda. Pedralbes 63, 08034 BARCELONA.








Bonn, den 30. Juni. 1983

An Herrn

Jackson Kazibue

Betr.: Paemienprogramm zur Foederung derAusbildung auslaendischer Schueler in der Deutschen Sprache. hier; Deutschlandaufenthalt 1983 fuer auslaendishe Preistraeger.

Anlg.: Programm, Flug- bzw. Fahrtzeiten, Merkblatt, Teilnehmerliste.

Lieber Jackson,

der paedagogische Austauschdienst freut sich, Ihnen mitteilen zu koennen, dass Sie aufgrund Ihrer guten Leistungen in der deutschen Sprache von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zu einem Deutcshlandbesuch eingeladen werden.

Aus dem beigefuegten Program, das der Paedagogische Austauschdienst fuer Sie als der einige Schueler aus Ihrem Land aufgestellt hat, koennen Sie die Einzelheiten ueber Ihren Deutcshlandaufenthalt entnehmen.

Es ist unser grosses Bestreben, dass Sie sich in unserem Lande wohlfuehlen. Wir haben alles getan, um Ihnen den Aufenthalt in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland angenehm und erfolgreich zu gestalten. In unserem Merkblatt, das wir Ihnen in der Anlage nochmals zu senden, und das Sie bitte intensiv lesen moechten, geben wir Ihnen wichtige Hinweise fuer Ihre Reise und Ihren Aufenthalt. Wir bitten Sie so bald wie moeglich an Ihre Gasteltern in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland einen Brief zu schreiben und ihn an Ihren Betreuer, Herrn OStR Engelbert Kalisch in Fulda zu senden, der ihn an Ihre Gasteltern weiterleiten wird.

Wir moechten Sie heute besonders darauf hinweisen, dass Sie einen gueltgen Reisepass benoetigen. Von der Botscahft der Budesrepublik Deutschland werden Sie Ihr Flugticket erhalten. Solten Sie den Reisenleiter des P.A.D auf Ihrem Zielflughafen nicht so bald treffen, wenden Sie sich bitte umgehend an das Personal der Luftansa.

Um eine schnelle Gepaeckbefoerdderung sicherzustellen, bitten wir Sie, Ihr Gepaeck bis Frankfurt/Main aufzugeben. Fuer Ihre persoenliche Ausgaben erhalten Sie vom Paedagogischen Austauchdienst ein Taschengeld in Hoehe von DM 400.--

Abschliessend moechten wir Sie bitten, vier Wochen nach Ruckkehr in Ihre Heimat ueber die Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland dem Paedagogischen Austauschdienst einen Bericht in deutscher Sprache ueber Ihren Aufenthalt zuzusenden.

Mit allen guten Wuenschen fuer eine angenehme Reise und mit freundlichen Gruessen an Sie und Ihre verehrten Eltern.

Gerhard Schlueter.

Paedagogischer Austauschdienst 1983

Nassestrasse 8, Postfach 22 40.

5300 Bonn 1. DEUTSCHLAND.



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